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* We accept Apple and other OEM products
(We do not accept batteries on its own, Apple devices with swollen or loose battery, or falling parts of Apple products.)
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Under this agreement, Li Tong Group accepts Apple-branded and other OEM products and equipment for recycling. We do not accept other types of consumer electronic equipment such as VCRs, DVDs, televisions, etc.

Li Tong does not accept dissembled notebook/laptop computers or monitors with cracked or broken glass, loose batteries or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or back-up battery systems that contain lead-acid batteries.

Li Tong Group also does not accept products and equipment that are not an integral part of the original Apple products and equipment to be recycled, hazardous electronic waste, loose batteries, UPS/back-up battery systems, cathode ray tube (CRT) or LCD monitors that have been disassembled, have cracked or broken glass or, products and equipment that are contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with chemicals or biological agents.

Li Tong Group Agrees to:

  • Comply with all applicable Federal, State, Local, and International Environmental regulations for electronic waste and adhere to sound Electronic Recycling Management protocols.
  • Recycle and recover electronic products and equipment in an environmentally friendly manner, using the most advanced technologies available to recover the maximum amount of materials.
  • Perform Data Destruction on all Hard Drives and other data storage media devices.


  • Acknowledges that they are responsible for the deletion of all confidential and proprietary data on all computer hardware, data storage and electronic devices that are contained on or within the Apple-branded products and equipment before the products and equipment have left the consumer's premises.
  • Acknowledges that Li Tong will not be responsible, in any way, for confidential and proprietary data that is not deleted from the computer hardware and or electronic devices prior to packing and shipping.
  • Acknowledges that all computer hardware and electronic media devices will not be returned after it has been accepted for shipment.
  • Agrees and acknowledges not to ship hazardous materials and to package the products and equipment to reduce any chances of damage and exposure of hazardous materials during the shipping process.
  • All box(es) will be closed and sealed as described above to prevent breakage and loss of components, parts or pieces during normal transport conditions.

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